My Writing


The Next Chapter

A micro fan fiction story about the future of the Uncharted video game franchise, published on Capsule Crit.

Forgotten Folios

Narrative experiences including handmade artifacts and puzzles, sent as packages over several months.  See the gallery for more information and to inquire about commissions.

World Building for Anemone Hug Interactive

Contract work for local Vancouver studio Anemone Hug to create a science fiction world complete with characters, a timeline, cultures, and histories for an upcoming title.

Ontological Geek

A discussion of the fictional religion called the Qun in the Dragon Age franchise.

An article detailing the role of religion and belief in Mad Max: Fury Road

Website Copy

I've written engaging and colorful copy for personal websites, businesses, and publications.

The Cove

A short comic about the hidden horrors of the pacific north west. Created with Lindsay Ishihiro for the Cloudscape Comics anthology Bones of the Coast.