Over 5 years ago I co-founded the WTF Game Jam in Vancouver BC, focused on introducing people to simple and attainable game design. Over the last few years I have produced some simple narrative focused games as well as ridiculous mash-ups of other creator's work. Below you can preview and play some of the games I'm most proud of.

Games I've Made

The 2017 WTF Game Jam Mashup

A remix of several games produced during the 2017 WTF Game Jam including the memes and themes created during the jam. Includes simple re-imaginings of platformers, shooters, and dogs in VR.

The Case of the Hockey Bar Brawl


You are Cassie, a sharp witted noir detective wannabe who solves crimes when she's not busy smoking three packs a day or daydreaming about Casablanca. You have been called in to help solve a difficult murder case the night of a calamitous bar brawl.

Investigate the scene, question witnesses, and see if you can find the right motive, suspect, and murder weapon.

Lunar Failure

 On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 landed safely on the Moon.

However, in the event that the lunar lander became stranded on the lunar surface, William Safire, a speech writer for President Nixon, prepared remarks for the president to read to the world.In Lunar Failure, the Apollo 11 lunar lander is already badly damaged, and you must guide it towards its proper end on the Moon's surface. 

Avoid the text of William Safire's speech, especially the red words that refer to death and mortality.